The Do Good Fund is a non-profit collection of contemporary southern photography of both established & emerging artists who photograph the South.


A public collection of contemporary photography from the American South.

When these pictures depict poverty or oppression or rural practices or even our sense of play, they show us conditions that are certainly universal...But taken together, these images are distinctly and inescapably Southern — from Keith Carter’s otherworldly shot of an African-American farm woman shaking the dirt from freshly pulled garlic bulbs to Tamara Reynolds’ tender images of working-class people in Nashville and across southern Appalachia to the legendary William Christenberry’s image of China Grove Church sitting in the bend of a Hale County dirt road. We see ourselves in them. They make us remember. And perhaps most importantly, they make us talk to each other about who we are and why we think the place we come from matters.
— Chuck Reece, The Bitter Southerner