The Do Good Fund
The Do Good Fund is a non-profit collection of contemporary southern photography of both established & emerging artists who photograph the South.


The Do Good Fund is building an exceptional collection of Southern photographs, a collection that grows and grows, promising tobecome the most complete and comprehensive collection of photographs of the American South we have, all in one place."

 -- John Wall, The Southern Photographer Blog



Eye South Photography Symposium- Columbus, GA

  Holt Cemetery,  Alec Soth

Holt Cemetery, Alec Soth

The EYE SOUTH Photography Symposium will take place in Do Good's hometown, Columbus, GA, on October 14-15. Eye South's two-day panels and talks, sponsored by Columbus State University, will explore the main themes in contemporary photography: the narrative image, publication of printed matter, and the challenges of making visual history.

Great list of participants, including Alec Soth, Jeff Rich, Carson Sanders, Taylor Curry, Mark Dorr, Molly Lamb, Lauren Henkin, Carl Martin, Susan Worsham, Marni Schindelman, Nate Larson, Jessica Auer, Ben Alper, Adam Forrester, Joshua Dudley Greer, David Houston, Jessica Ingram, Chuck Hemard, David Chickey and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa.

Most events are free and open to the public, but registration is required; separate ticketed Saturday night dinner.

Eight exhibitions will also be open during the weekend -

For more info, check out the EYE SOUTH website:

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