The Do Good Fund
The Do Good Fund is a non-profit collection of contemporary southern photography of both established & emerging artists who photograph the South.


The Do Good Fund is building an exceptional collection of Southern photographs, a collection that grows and grows, promising tobecome the most complete and comprehensive collection of photographs of the American South we have, all in one place."

 -- John Wall, The Southern Photographer Blog



Land Inhabited & Works of Baldwin Lee at Moca Ga - The Do Good Fund-


Sep 23, 2016 - Nov 19, 2016

“The Do Good Fund, based in Columbus, Georgia, has built a collection of southern contemporary photography that is unmatched in both breadth and scope. This exhibition features 58 photographs from the collection, including a large number of works by Baldwin Lee. Lee’s photographs capture the history of the south, carefully extracting the character of the places and people photographed. When reviewing and selecting the works for this exhibition, a theme seemed to emerge organically among all of the artists featured: these works display places that are occupied. Some photographs speak to the remains of where humans once were and the history of those inhabitants. Others mark direct relationships between different people, the structures they have built, or both. The photographic documentation of the communities and histories in this exhibition truly show the essence of a land inhabited.”

–Annette Cone-Skelton, Curator

About The Do Good Fund

The Do Good Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity based in Columbus, Georgia. Since its founding in 2012, the fund has focused on building a museum-quality collection of contemporary southern photography, including works by emerging photographers.

Do Good’s mission is to make its collection broadly accessible through regional museums, nonprofit galleries and nontraditional venues, and to encourage complimentary, community-based programming to accompany each exhibition.

Image by Joshua Dudley Greer

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